cant wait
I have a Male that matured out weeks ago and i know this girl is due for a molt so I'm impatiently waiting for her to molt.
I have exactly the same female. Purchased it as T. Violaceus to recently find out (once I start looking for a male for her) that this is T. Cupreus not T. Violaceus. Look at the link I have attached above . On the bottom of that post there are pictures of those 2 species. They look very similar but are 2 different species.
@Ella1984 well I purchased these from the breeder and now that I have went through a ton o photos the one thing I'm sure of is that photo I.d. isn't reliable. some of the violaceus look way darker than mine and blue and some look super purple and the same goes for shots of the Tapinauchenius cupreus. I'm not going to change labels unless I can secure a more accurate way of i.ding
Well, I'm not sure about mine either. They all called Purple Tree Spider. Look almost the same. Just thinking if to breed accidentally those both varieties if there will be not a big deal?
@Ella1984 they call the t. cup violet tree spider. I emailed the breeder and he sent me photos of both species and said he would have charged me more for t. cups and that mine are diff t. violaceus

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