Can you ID me?

Can you ID me?

Found in a pet store, labeled "Stripe Knee Tarantula - Female". Could someone ID her for me?
i would like to say that when it comes to tarantulas, pet stores really have no idea what they are selling, unless of course its an obvious t like the rose hair, the pink toe, the cobalt blue, the mexican fire knee, or any species of goliath.

other than that, i have been to 3 pet stores around here, and have found a total og 11 tarantulas mis marked, and improperly named. i seen an oklahoma brown t labeled as a rose hair, and let me tell you, that would have made one huge rose hair at 7.7 inches! lol.

i also seen a brazillian black labeled as a "velvet rump curly hair" for $149.99
i own a pet shop and i have a goliath, stripe knee, pink toe, rose hair, and a cobalt blue LOLZ

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