"Cammie" Solifugae

"Cammie" Solifugae

This was the little spider I caught last time I was in AZ. It ended up passing away. I thought I was doing everything perfect, but I found it in its water dish (which was super small). I'll miss this little 1. Awesome invert to watch late at night. RIP Cammie. We miss u
I really wish we could figure out how to keep these guys successfully in captivity. They're such an amazing invert, I'd have 10 if they'd live longer/do better under human care.
I am confused. Sorry for your loss.
Umm this doesn't look like a spider to me yet your post says it is a little spider. Am I missing something?
@MatisIsLoveMantisIsLyf Come on, don't be so hard on him, it's sad but even part of graduated biologist would have big problem to identify this, especially from this photo :D

@BCspiderman7 It's member of Solifugae as in title, stupid common name "camel spiders" is where "spider" in text came from.
@MatisIsLoveMantisIsLyf I have several pet spiders and have been collecting spiders since I was a child. I Don't see eight legs in the photo as well as the head/sternum looks really weird. Maybe it is because it is all wet from lying in It's water dish. I also didn't recognize the scientific name. If the poster had said it was a camel spider than I wouldn't of even commented LOL
@Patherophis oh ok well to me a camel spider is not a tarantula. My bad.....I thought this was a tarantula of theirs that had died.
Now I can see it looks like a camel spider.

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