C. Sculpturatus Enclosure

C. Sculpturatus Enclosure

All three are in this pic.
Looks okay but still needs some vertically oriented bark leaning up. At present it's not arboreal enough for them in the long term. Add a few pieces of cork bark leaning vertically and a water dish and it will look great.
@darkness975 I'll try to find some bark that'll fit later (coincidentally I'm going to a pet expo today). I was under the impression that desert species weren't supposed to have a water dish because they don't need it and it increases the risk of micosis. I do give them a soak every 2-3 months with a few light sprays on a few rocks in between. (I usually water them when we get rain). I trust that you are much more experienced and knowledgeable than I am, but I do want to confirm first.
Better for sure. You can break up some cork to make slabs as well.
You also may want to get those sharp cacti out. No good can ever come from those being there. They don't climb on them in the wild and in a confined space may impale themselves.
Did you get your bark scorpions together? I have one and was planning on getting another. I'd like for them to share an enclosure, but don't want a fight to break out. How are yours getting along?
@many many legs Yeah, there's four in the tank currently and they get along great. They have little spats sometimes because one of the scorpions is annoying, but those usually end with the annoyed scorpion pushing it away with its telson. I've only had one die that appeared damaged in any way and it was male and one of my scorpions gave birth a few months later so I think that was a breeding mishap. I'd just make sure they are of similar size first.

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