This one is a looker to be so tiny.
I think...did get changed back, again? WSC doesn't show that species under Cyclosternum. I know it's not always the most up-to-date but I haven't heard about it being changed back.
A long while back Ray Gabriel moved some of the Cyclosternum species in to Davus (or resurrected it, my research was quick) that had fused spermathecae. C. pentalore was one of them. Seller needs to update their labels. Think I found threads about it over ten years old mentioning it. WSC shows it as early as 2003. 1998 was Davus pentalore before being moved to Pseudoschizopelma in 1999 then to where it is now in 2003...if you were curious :)

I have one of these, awesome little critter about 3/4"
Oddly enough, no mention of ever being in Cyclosternum. Maybe it was never accepted there?
Looks like you are right. The Wiki did mention it was consider once but wasn't accepted. Good to know thanks for the info man. I'll change my tags.
You're welcome! I posted a new thread trying to find out why C. pentalore isn't even listed in the history of D. pentaloris. That's confusing to me.
Wait, I think I misread. You're saying you saw where it was proposed as C. pentalore but wasn't accepted? That would explain why no mention in the history.

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