C. paganus?
I bought one of these last sunday, mine has yet to settle in its enclosure, SUPER AGGRESSIVE lol. It goes from one corner to another and climbs to the top, but it has ate a couple crickets
Same with mine lol will hold threat pose for about an hour. As soon as enclosure is open threat pose and swiping. Also mine is slow as well to settling down in new enclosure.
Same here, it took mine a while to start burrowing when I first got her but when they do start BOOOOY do they make a tunnel, and super aggressive
@Venom100 I’m assuming you’re referencing their agility lol so yes they are very quick and will move like a bullet and turn on a dime, at least mine is like that
@Venom100 yes, my girl made a complex of tunnels with a big chamber in the center, my C. Marshalli does similar work but not as extensive
@Mychajlo what type of set up do you have? I have seen some people use y’all containers that are not to big but deep with lots of substrate. What’s your thoughts or experiences with your set up?
@Venom100 I use a 5 gallon glass tank and it’s filled 3/4ths up maybe a LITTLE less than that with ecoearth and a water dish, I cover half the tank with a damp paper towel

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