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C. Lividus

Wondering if I could get an opinion on this molt? This C. Lividus is about 10-11 cm's.

C. Lividus
BlakeA, Nov 16, 2019
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    • Arachnophoric
      Seems I was mistaken, that does indeed look male. Sadly I can't find a good example of what the spermathecae in this species looks like, but essentially between the upper pair of booklungs, along that line runs between them, there should be a little "flap" of sorts, where you can take a needle and move it back and forth. If that isn't present (which by the size your specimen is, it absolutely should be), then the T is male.

      Here's a good example of spermathecae in a female of the same genus, C. lividus has different shaped spermathecae but it's the same idea. Flappy thing between the upper booklungs.

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    • BlakeA
      @Arachnophoric thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. Unfortunately, the flap that you mention is not present. I agree with you 100% that with a male this size it should definitely be more noticeable. It shouldn't be a surprise to me that he is a male because all of his blue is now gone after this most recent molt. I am a little bit disappointed because I paid extra for a female. Thank you again for clarifying things for me!
    • Arachnophoric
      @BlakeA hm. I wonder if he's a mature male now, do the ends of his pedipalps look swollen, kind of club-like?
    • BlakeA
      @Arachnophoric His pedipalps look very swollen and shiny. TBH I never even noticed its pedipalps before. Seeing them now they are unmistakably there. Sexual dimorphism is now very clear and it has these obvious swollen pedipalps. However, I don't see the tibial spurs. I wonder how long it will live for and wether or not it will start eating once I let it harden up a bit.
    • Arachnophoric
      @BlakeA Not sure if C.lividus get spurs, pretty sure a good number of OW Ts don't get hooks as MMs, but every male gets palpal bulbs/emboli once they mature. :)

      Mature males do have a pretty short shelf life after they mature when compared to their female counterparts, but a lot of people like to exaggerate and act like a male could drop dead the next day after maturing. In reality, if you make sure he has 24/7 access to fresh water and feed him as often as he's willing to eat (MMs sadly will often lose most of their appetite when they got girls on the brain), they can last a while, some species even a few years. That is, if you're not interested in trying to send him out for breeding purposes. ;)

      You mentioned this T was sold to you as a female, yeah? If the seller was a T dealer/hobbyist, might not be a bad idea to contact them and let them know it ended up male. A good/reputable seller will often try to compensate or right the mistake in some way.
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    • BlakeA
      Indeed, the T was sold as a female. I bought it from someone who is not a reputable dealer. Just a university kid with little English skills. I only paid $15 for it and bought some G. pulchripes along with it. The kid tossed in a C. huahini that I love. I will go through another seller next and see if I can get a female C. lividus.
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