C. lividus
@Mychajlo Doesn't seems from the pic but I swear, she has a male B.dubia in the chelicerae, ah ah. I've noticed she was out (here is night, btw) busy making more room... so I've offered a prey :)
Remind me again please.......new or old world? Can they be kept like a B.albo or G.rosea. Or does this T need more humidity?
@cold blood Ahh good to know. So moisture like a arborial species would need or just more than what a terrestrial would need. Do they do a lot of webbing like an arborial or prefer to burrow/use a hide? I could spend a hour researching online but I am lazy and prefer to ask you experts ;)

Well moisture dependent is moisture dependent, whether the t is fossorial or arboreal, the term holds the same meaning.

Just keep the sub damp, and when it dries. re-apply water. Its always advantageous to get the moisture deeper into the sub, as opposed to surface moisture. This keeps the moisture from evaporating quickly.

They tend to web a lot when young, less as adults though, although the mouth of their burrow does often show a good amount of webbing, its just not all crazy and vertical like a GBB...you can see in this pic what I mean, just outside the hole, is a mat of webbing...when they go pre-molt, the entire entrance will be webbed up...Chris actually has a great pic illustrating this he posted I think just last week.

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