c. cyanopubescens

c. cyanopubescens

Not the best pic, but maybe you can help me sex this spidy.

Hmmm..... thats a bit of a tough one. I think I see the outline of the hair-patch for males, but it is really hard to tell with its dark underside. Not sure, sorry.
I'm leaning toward male on this one, but its difficult to tell. Maybe another picture with better lighting and a shot thats just a little further away.
still looks male to me, but this is a tough one with the underside of the tarantula being so dark. Maybe someone else will be certain. Re-post the new picture so it shows up in the film strip for everyone to see. This pic is great. It's just a tough "T" to sex this way. :eek:

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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