Brown widow? Texas widow plague

Brown widow? Texas widow plague

First widow I have come across since about a week ago. Latrodectus geometricus?
They are everywhere here in TX, I moved into a new apartments, almost new everything, but they get in any way they can almost daily! I have to constantly vacuum them, as small as 1MM to maybe a quarter inch is the biggest I have seen so far (body length only not counting the legs.) Usually are found/hang out around the door frame or window sills! I usually kill them on site, since they are invasive and dangerous (*medically significant.*)
@Daniel0430 Hey, just wanted to start off with what I'm sure will be one of many widow pictures! This little lady showed up on the inside-side of a door frame, I think she is a brown widow! What do you think? Only about 1/4CM body length! Looks about the same as the female I had before but much smaller, the one I had caught was probably 1/2-3/4CM.
@Dawnes1221 she is most definitely brown widow and not fully grown. Keep an eye out for spike covered egg sacks. And if you keep getting them in your house remember that a spider can fit through any hole or crack that's a quarter the width of their abdomen. she is pretty though wish we could see the hour glass figure on her belly. If you have a basement that's probably where most of them are hiding pretty easy to get inside from there.
No basement, but there are plenty of spaces for them to come in, oh well., just have to be vigilant with the vacuuming and cleaning, so far that method has kept them at bay mostly, for over a year since I have resided at my current residence. At most I will find one close to the doors that lead outside about once a week, but sometimes are so tiny, a little speck that my vacuum hose sucks up quickly and easily! I will check back here as I find them or at least ones worth getting some good shots of! Thanks for getting back to me... more to come! :happy:

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