Brown recluse
@NYAN, no, I've had them for a while(swiftinverts sells them). I'm preparing to breed them soon. I have a few. Already see one sub-adult Male
I just found one in my room the day before yesterday. I set up the enclosure but it bolted into my school supply so I can’t find it anymore. So basically there’s a brown recluse roaming freely in my room
@T fan Are you sure it was a Loxosceles? The area you live in is within range of L. deserta, although they aren’t the most common in urban areas.
You should give it some crumpled up paper towel segments to navigate. Also if you are even remotely interested in them, get the book by Richard S. Vetter "The Brown Recluse Spider". It's fuckin great.
@RoachCoach Hmm, I know quite a bit about brown recluse spiders.. I'm hoping it's more than just your average go-to book for the general population?
@Marc Spider it’s directed at the general population and lay people. I have access to the book on one of my databases. I’ve read a dozen or so pages.
@Marc Spider Got any new molts? I feed my 6 every week but only get about a molt every 2 months. They rarely hunt when I'm watching, but when they do it is awesome. The strike is so fast.

Not yet, they're very close to maturity.
One is a sub adult male already.

I agree with the striking, the second that little bite is inflicted in whatever you give them for food. It's over. Its insane how fast the venom works at times too.

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