Brienne’s new home.
New setup for my A.Calcodes, Brienne(of Tarth). I’m still a noob so any feedback is helpful! Pretty excited how it turned out.
Thanks! My friend wanted me to name her Cersie, but she’s too sweet for that. She’s my tough but sweet, seems kinda plain but is totally beautiful and amazing to me little t. The name just fit...:rolleyes::happy:
@Dman I did! Thanks. It’s a basketball display case from hobby lobby. I honestly wonder if I gave her too much space. She’s not out and about like she was in her first enclosure. She hasn’t laid any web down either, think I should be worried?
@hilikus I use them also but does Hobby Lobby sell the hinges?

I personally like to give my T's more room to grow into. Your set up looks great!
@Dman no they don’t sell them. I picked up the hinges from amazon and used clear gorilla glue to adhere them. A little sanding on both the hinges and lid to make them hold really well. I cut the lid and drilled the venting with a dremel tool. I need to be a little more patient when drilling. Had a few melt over while I was doing it but I’m still proud of how it turned out.
I’m guessing she just hasn’t settled in yet. I’m gonna give it some more time, if she doesn’t settle I’m going to put more foliage in to give her more cover.

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