Brachypelma vagans?

Brachypelma vagans?

I live on the island of St.Lucia. Not sure how far this species are found. Not much info about them but it sure does look like a vagans. The local name is "matoutou" which is a creole word. Thats all i and everyone else here seems to know....
@Venom1080 Agree. I was thinking some sort of Pamphobeteus, given the slight horns on the carapace in the first picture. But I've never seen a Pamph with a bum that deep ruby red before-- just longer red urticating hairs with short black hairs underneath.
@NatureJay I wouldn't go by pet trade identifications on this one. Since this is a rare occasion where someone posted a picture of a live specimen in situ with locality information. :)

Pocock describes this species as coming from St. Lucia with...

"Integument covered with hairs of a rich olive-brown hue, a pair of pale patches (probably pink in colour when fresh) on the head; legs marked with indistinct pale longitudinal lines, but scarcely distinctly banded at the ends of the segments; bristles on legs greyish in colour, not long and not numerous."

The rest of the description is comparing the length of leg segments with carapace measurements which is typical of the era and not helpful for identification.

Reference: Pocock, R. I. (1903b). On some genera and species of South-American Aviculariidae. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (7) 11: 81-115.

Perhaps the A. antillensis on the Polish site is an immature or in need of a molt. Can't say for sure but, aside from the color of "rich olive-brown hue" of the integument, Acanthoscurria antillensis is would be the best guess.
@AphonopelmaTX I'm not too convinced they are the same.
A.Antillensis and the specimen in question looks like two different T's to me....

I believe someone made a mistake with that picture as there is only that one image with a red rump T as A.Antillensis compared to all the rest which are brownish in color.

If you look here, this site is unrelated to the pet trade and is solid information. If you look at the 6 pics here you don't see any red rumps and the description you posted matches these.

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