Brachypelma vagans spots?
Does anyone have any idea what these spots can be? She is a B. Vagans. She moulted about two weeks ago and the spots were on her when she was fresh out of her moult. They are all over her abdomen. She is acting normal and moving around just fine.
@RezonantVoid She is a B. Vagans. She (mind you, she is not confirmed female, I just don`t like using "it") just moulted a week or two ago. These spots were on her when she was freshly moulted. I am wondering if they are just hairs that did not grow in. But she is not really a hair kicker since I leave her alone most of the time.
@Melancholy Newt i'm in Australia so can't own these beauties sadly, but what you're describing happened to one of my Phlogius slings. He lost a few tufts of hairs on his abdomen one molt but after his next one he appears to have grown them back. My assumption is some hairs got pulled out when molting, im not sure what causes it but he seemed unaffected. Hopefully that's all it is with your B.Vagans
@RezonantVoid I am hoping that is all it is. She is quite pretty :) Her name is Arachne. I don`t handle my tarantulas so not sure as far as temperament, but when I clean out her tank or do anything with her she is very cooperative. Plus she handles to Colorado dryness really well.
thats awesome, mine behave abysmally when it comes to rehousing or cleaning and i wish just ONE of mine would behave calmly but hey! thats just tarantulas doing thier tarantula-ing :p
@RezonantVoid LOL! Yes it is! I am covered in hives right now because my LP haired me while I was cleaning out his tank! And it took a lot of prayer and juggling to get him into a cup so I could even get into his tank because he is SUPER defensive. Then I found out he moulted out into a mature male, and that broke my heart :-( My babies are all pets and I have had him since he was the size of my thumb nail.

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