Brachypelma vagans [sexing]
Need help on sexing and possibly age just acquired this baby last night
Absolutely no one will be able to sex it with this picture. ;) You need a clear and an in-focus shot of the underside of your T and then post it here:
Furthermore, you should provide the species and the diagonal leg span to help identifying the sex. And even with all that done, it might not be possible. The best way to sex a T is to examine its moult (look here:

Also, age is not important and can't be determined by a picture, not even with a given size. The growth of a T is determined by so many factors (temperature, feeding, whatever) that we only go by the size of a certain species to judge if it's a sling, juvenile or adult.
All i know is that its a B. Vagan just got it lastnight and im new to this but thanks for the information

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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