Brachypelma smithi M or f 2nd one?
so it's probably subadult since hamorii and smithi are around 6inch at max or 6.5inch the should be visible to see the female part on abdomen at that size, if it's not there it might be male but I can't talk sure because they are not fully grown adult yet but if you have old molt of them and if you kept it just hydrate the old skin and show the inside abdomen part so then I can help better what the gender actually is
@Skipp you mean the hooks on front legs? if that's what you meant no because the hooks only appear at the maturity...when they do the ultimate molt they usually change appearance in color and they get hooks under the front legs to hold female's fangs so the female won't attack the male during mating, they also get boxing gloves on their arms to inject the sperm inside the female's abdomen.. best way to tell if your mature male is ready to be mated is if you see the male looking like it will molt upside down and heavy web coming off from it thats indication of sperm web and you can start feeding the male and female heavily until they won't take more food and give mating a go and see how it is..sometimes it's not successful but only way to know it is give it a chance
I also like to add that some genus do not have hooks on front legs like pokies and some more i can't remember now but yeah generally they do

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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