Brachypelma Smithi Enclosure
Do you guys think this enclosure is an okay size
You really love your undersized enclosure, don't you? No, this is too small, as is the 'hide'. How is it supposed to get in there? A good rule of thumb is 2x the leg span in one direction and 3x in the other. Leg span is measured when the spider sits streched out, not legs drawn together as it sits here. I think 2x the leg span (streched out) in every direction is pretty much the minimum.

Enclosures of larger juveniles or adults can never be too big. If you have heard that they grow better in smaller enclosures - that only goes for slings and small juveniles.
@boina That helps a lot, yes i was going for the smaller enclosure to promote growth but not be to small to cause stress. Thanks for clearing things up
@boina my other enclosure is a 10 gallon tank but it has a mesh top which ive heard is bad because theyll climb on it and fall, i guess i could just put more substrate in it though

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