Brachypelma ID Request

Brachypelma ID Request

Care to tell me what this one is?
@BenWilly I kind of figured that myself but wanted other opinions. She was sold to me as a B.Albo. I didn’t think anything of it until she started to get a bit bigger and more coloring started to show up.
@Culsu Then I am sure you got a good deal on it lol. I have several tarantulas bought as a certain species that turned into another. Sometimes it works out really good too
I have never seen boehmei in any stage to have such dark carapax, tibiae look strange too. I think we should wait a molt or two before making assumptions.
@Patherophis just a rough idea. There was no way this is a b.albo to me. My mom got sold the same from the same place that day and hers doesn’t look like one either.
Definitely not an albopilosum.
I was going to guess baumgarteni, but the carapace is throwing me off too. The carapace on my baumgarteni female didn't start to darken up until she reached about 2". Before that, it was still very light.
I suppose it can darken up earlier than that, though.

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