Brachypelma hamorii
My Kawaii B.Hamorii being cute.
Still can't think of any names for this one. I'll figure out a unisex name some time.
@MissOrangeHat okay, thanks for letting me know. I've heard people have had bad expiriences with swifts, but I've never personally ordered from them so I don't want to speak poorly of them, but I'm glad your baby is doing well!

Curious as to where you heard this.....Kelly Swift has a fantastic rep in the hobby, both as a breeder and a seller. I have literally never heard of a buyer with a single complaint levied against him. He may be a tad expensive, but he's a straight shooter and a reliable seller.
@cold blood I'm glad that is the case. I don't want to spread false information. I believe I saw a post somewhere (may not have been on this site) where someone was complaining of DOA Ts due to packaging issues. May have been something else that caused it, but I never looked further into them after seeing that.
Don't want anyone to be put off by that, though! I never contacted them or dealt with them personally.

All sellers have had DOAs, its how the DOA is dealt with that makes a bad or good seller.

I know Kelly is a good packer, a few years ago there was a thread about a winter shipment to Alaska he did, no DOAs, that only happens with superior packing at its a cold multi-day trip.
@ScaryGhosts I totally recommend Swifts. Like cold said, they are a tad expensive but it is worth the money. My experience with them is just grand and I love them.

Most sellers have a DOA and it's a good idea to read on them, especially if you are trying different people.

I personally always, ALWAYS do your research on someone before buying anything, T's included. Read reviews (both positive and negative) and see whom your more comfortable with ordering from.

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