Brachypelma hamorii

Brachypelma hamorii

My little friend from Petco. No doubt she/he wouldn't of made it if I didn't get it when I did.
Very pretty little thing, looks like mine when I got her. She looked like this next molt - like proper B. hamorii;

Unfortunately, purchasing from places like Petco where they don't know what the heck they're doing when it comes to care of exotics is a catch 22. Yes, you save that specimen, but your money goes to the company and they see someone purchased this product (yes, it's an animal, but in corporate eyes they're merely a product) and will decide to put more right in the same exact place you just rescued your little one from. It's a vicious cycle, and sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

Negative aspects aside, congrats on your new friend. Hopefully they're around for many years, even decades to come. :)
@Arachnophoric thank u. Petco quit selling slings because they kept dieing for some reason . I was glad to pick this little 1 up for $20, and even more happy to hear they quit selling them. I've had this 1 since it was the size of my thumbnail. I think about 4 months now
@Arachnophoric Thx. They told me it was because the slings were in bad shape and they couldn't keep them alive. They had this guy/gal in a aboreal setup with a sponge for substrate. They also had 1 vine looking thing in there for it to climb. All the slings they had were setup the same, no matter what species. When I asked to buy this 1, the girl that worked there said she couldn't find it in the cage. She then turnt the container upside down and I noticed about a inch of water fill up at the top (now bottom) and I seen this sling swimming in a pool of water. Perfect environment for this species. Rain Forest setup, or should I say Spiderfish setup

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