Brachypelma epicuraneum

Brachypelma epicuraneum

Please help me to identify this tarantula, the seller sais its Brachypelma epicuraneum. Thanks.
Brachypelma ruhnaui? Brachypelma vagans and Brachypelma epicureanumhave a darker carpace. The light/gold color carpace makes me think Brachypelma ruhnaui. If it's young it may darken up after some molts if so then I'd say B. Vagans.
Hello Sceptic!

Please, get the photo of the specimen after the molt and the separate shot of the posterior part of the abdomen.
In this pre-molt photo is very hard to say does it may be or not B. epicureanum.
Look here and You may find the tarantula photo is most closely related to the description of the real B. epicureanum form Yukatan - note the descriptive UH patch on posterior area of the abdomen in male. The fresh female has the same feature.

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