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Brachypelma boehmei,female?

someone told me it a female,but I think a subadult male.:(

Brachypelma boehmei,female?
xinxiaoyun, Oct 7, 2007
    • Talkenlate04
      I would have to agree that is looking very male to me as well.
    • whitehaze2008
      Hum how on God's green earth do you people hold a tarantula like that and not get bite...
    • Sceptic
      looks like male.
    • Cockroach_PL
      I think it's male.
    • Pink-Poodle88
      I'm gonna say male. Generally females have a bit of a "smiley face" type thing going on in between their four book lungs on the underside of the abdomen/opisthosoma, and this spider doesn't seem to have it. I don't know how to explain exactly, but the "smiley face" type thing is unmistakeable and hard to miss.

      I could be wrong however, I'm no expert, but even the experts can become confused when it comes to sexing tarantulas.
    • xhexdx
      I have to agree with that one! Must be a pretty tame tarantula!
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    Oct 7, 2007
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