Brachypelma albopilosum
What an interesting name for a very fluffy tarantula. Beautiful T. Mine's molting as we speak, so hopefully she'll come out bigger, hungry, and of course, more fuzzy, haha.
@Androxian You say that, but mine is nowhere near that level of fluffiness. Mine is no fluffier than any of my other T's. I think she's shaving whenever I'm not around :dead:
@Uial Does yours look more brown with less setae compared to this one? If so you might have B. albopilosum sp. Honduras. B. albopilosum sp. Nicaragua are the one's that have the extremely white and fluffy setae.
That makes sense. Indeed her hairs aren't this pale, and she has so much less than this one. She essentially looks like my G. pulchripes without the golden stripes ^^
@Uial Yeah, you most likely have the Honduran variation. It used to be called "Hobby Form" but I'm not sure if that's still the accurate description anymore.

Honduran: Dark brown exoskeleton, fewer brownish setae
Nicaraguan: Black exoskeleton, way more whiteish setae

Pretty easy to distinguish the both of them.
Damn, I would wanna have the more fluffy one, but mine is slow and rarely aggressive (except for when you try to change her water dish. She doesn't drink but uses it as pool to dip one of her legs in, sometimes) and she's always sitting out in the shadow of her fake plants, so I will have to come to terms with her being not quite as fluffy, and instead enjoy her even temper^^
@Uial That's pretty normal for this species. Docile and laid back is how I describe them. As for the water dish, you can keep it in there if you want, it's not hurting anything but the reason your B. albopilosum is sticking it's legs in the water might be because some have exhibited a different way of obtaining moisture. With all the hairs on their legs they pick up a lot of moisture or water on them. They'll actually go back to their hide or burrow and start to clean themselves. They'll drink up the water through the substrate they clean off their legs or just drink the water that clung to their hairs. Not all of them do it and they aren't drinking every time they get their legs wet but it was an interesting little thing we learned while I was working with them while getting my masters.

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