Brachypelma albopilosum
My Nicaraguan braciphelma albapolosum juv.
Glad to see your not afraid to hold your tarantula... the silly thing is my brachypelma hamorii will literally destroy her enclosure if I don't take her out to be held... I am not joking when I say that tarantula will turn everything upside down when we don't take her out to play... any time we take her out for even a few minutes she leaves everything in the terrarium just the way we like it...
@s0n1cs3v3n What your describing sounds exactly like a disorientated T not knowing where it is. Generly speaking, once Ts feel settled in and comfortable they rearange everything to their liking, often appearing to us like they are 'destroying' everything.
If you continue to take it out to 'play' you are likely disorientating it further, and restarting the inactive settling in period often observed after a rehouse. Even changing small things in an enclosure can disorientate them. Happy tarantulas will usually web up, burrow or rearrange, its not something to worry about.

Brachypelma are notorious for destroying their enclosure, its likely a sign that it feels comfortable, so it begins to turn its 'house' into a 'home' and should probably be left to do its thing :) Its actually pretty cool behaviour to watch IMO
@Michael Guirov very informative and I appreciate that info. That certainly explains a lot about her behavior. We thought the poor girl just wanted out... lol, silly us! They certainly are fun to watch rearrange the enclosure. Maybe if we make it messy she will straighten it up instead of destroying everything...
@s0n1cs3v3n Thats pretty funny to be fair, a part of me honestly thought you where trolling haha.
Yeah you could try messing it up and hope she takes the bait haha, but im willing to bet anything that goes in there gets buried lol

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