Brachypelma Albopilosum?

Brachypelma Albopilosum?

Got it from a friend who's kid didn't want it. Only about 2 inches in size. It's very calm and docile. My guess is that it's a Brachypelma Albopilosum. Thoughts?
So sad when I see a hobby form that isn’t actually curly. Makes me worry about what my little girl’s going to look like... :(
That is not Brachypelma Albopilosum, that looks more like a Grammostola sp.

(Nicaraguan variety)^

(Honduran variety^)

Look at the carapace, it has pinkish streaks on it. Therefore, your guy/gal is most likely Grammostola porteri.
@Jmanbeing93 I just googled the Grammostola Porteri to see what it looked like and it looks EXACTLY like what I've got when I turned on a better light. Also, I'm just assuming female until she molts and I can hopefully know for sure so I don't have to call her "it" all the time :)

Thank you! :)
@Kimora yeah I came to that conclusion as well after someone else said that. After looking at pictures it's pretty obvious. I think I was just silently hoping it was a Brachy A. since it's one I'd like to have. Nevertheless less, I already love her (assumed female til she molts).
I’ve already a G. Rosea and a Porteri, both are one of my sweetest and beautiful T ❤ Not saying that I don’t like B. Alpobilosum, but I prefer my Grammostola hihi
@Kimora I was originally gonna get the rosea/porteri as my boyfriends and my first but saw that they were often called "psycho" which made me nervous, so instead I got the seemanni who is a docile but a darn speed demon lol I still like the brachy cause I hear they'revery laid back and we're still new to the hobby.
@Nikki92 it really depends on the T. My B. albopilosum is a total spazz. She’s really bolty when she doesn’t have her burrow to sulk in. My porteri, on the other hand, is extremely docile, brave, and curious. She’s done a lot of decorating on the ground level of her enclosure and spends all of her time out in the open. I love them both, of course, but just goes to show that the stereotype doesn’t always stick.

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