Brachypelma  Albopilosum type?

Brachypelma Albopilosum type?

Hey guys, so this is my little 5cm Albo, I've have him/her since a small sling but still haven't much idea as to what "type" he is, anyone wanna take a guess at it?
The 2 forms I have heard of are the hobby form and the generations since the big import. The hobby form have far less hair. This if I compare with the 4 I have raised from slings of non-hobby form looks like a hobby form aka less hair variation. Just my 2 cents
As a side note I think the Honduran variety vs the Nicaragua variety is kind of like saying the hobby vs non hobby. But I read an article that said there was some research on the difference in localized populations of these and the possibility of them being seperate species.
Definitely the Honduran form. The Nicaraguan form are the ones that have the white setae and are really really fuzzy, while the Honduran form tends to be less fuzzy and more brown.

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