Brachypelma albopilosum climbing

Brachypelma albopilosum climbing

My Brachypelma albopilosum thinks she's an arboreal.
You really need more substrate. Height like that is a fall/death risk and especially concerning if your spider is already climbing.
@Asgiliath She was just rehoused so she was exploring. I already have over 5" of substrate at the back. The background is Styrofoam so she won't easily slip and I put the branch in against the back just so she'll have something else to grab onto if she happens to climb.
If she continues to climb after a week of exploring, then yes I plan to add more substrate. Although I want to avoid having to do that because I'll have to rehouse her again and that will be 3 times in less than two weeks.
She climbed a lot in her old, temporary enclosure for a day or so and then mellowed out.
I had the same enclosure for my B hamorii they are good and states tarantula and scorpion on the packaging but they are too high as mentioned add more substrate and watch the wire mesh they can chew through it I ended up abandoning this style of enclosure for T's after speaking to a lot of experienced keepers and started favouring lower more T friendly enclosures not saying it's useless I have it on standby for another less chewy and height friendly occupant
Oh, I forgot to mention that she's just a juvenile. I was originally going to get her an 8x8x8 enclosure but once I actually got a chance to measure her spread out it was clear that I mine as well move her into an adult sized enclosure because she was large enough. The background isn't really high, it's just she's small right now.
She about 5" DLS? my 3.5" DLS B Hamorii bent the mesh.
Still quite a drop for that B Albopilosum its potentially dangerous.
She's already moved down and found her hide.
Talked to the breeder I got her from and he says it was either her exploring or because she was stressed. If she continues to do it after a day then I'll just have to redo her enclosure.
Apologies if I sound a dick iam not I was told the same advice from a number of experienced keepers and was told the horror stories since then I always take height and fall hazards into consideration when housing.
These enclosures were designed more for arboreal spoods. I mean zero offense by this, but I have a hard time believing we are looking at 5 plus inches of substrate.

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