Brachypelma albiceps
As you can see a bit of a flicker but once shed she will have her nice fluffy abdomen back
as slings can they flick? do i ned to watch my eyes? or at what size do they start to get the hairs.
@Wormtail39 my B. Albiceps kicks hairs non stop. She is so bald now that I don’t know how she still has hair to throw.

I make sure that when I am feeding or changing water, I stand back and keep my face away from her. When I have to do detailed maintenance, cleaning, or fix something she tore down, I wear clear safety goggles.

The hair itches on my hands and arms a little if she gets me with the hairs but inhaling those urticating hairs or getting them in your eyes is very bad and can require medical treatment. Your eyes or the worst. Goggles can save you a lot of pain and a huge debt in medical bills.

As a sling, she didn’t kick at all but as she ever so slowly got bigger, her kicking got worse with each molt. Take caution for those hairs now but more so as it gets bigger.
@Wormtail39 my girl didant kick hairs at all when she was a sling but as she got into juvenile size she was very flicky so i think it depends on the individual how much they will kick but so yeah watch your eyes and dont breath in the hairs what i uselly do is if i need to clean her out or do somthing that requires her to be out the way is i pick her up with a catch cup very slowly and carefully i slid the lid under her and then put her aside and do my thing but the tricky part is getting her back in just try and keep your face at a distance when doing all this and you should be fine
thanks for info guys such a shame my first and only t is most likely going to grow up to be a flicker :( hopefully she wont!! how do you not breathe in the hairs? do u wear a face mask?
@Wormtail39 you can wear a face mask if you want to be sure but all i do is just keep as much distance as possible usually when i put the catch cup over her and she flicks the hairs have no where to go because the cup is stopping the flying all over the place and if you want a less flicky T i would recommend you get the Brazilian Black they are one of my favourite species and my one has never flicked not once
id love a g pulchra but i have no money after buying all this equiptment and stuff for this t :( so cant get another sling unfortunetly. life as a student is rough what can i say lol But im loveing my b albiceps so far gives me something interesting to look at and check up on throughout the day breaks up the tiedium of life ahahah.
Lol i know how you feel there when i was in college i was spending all my money on my T's and barely had any for my self but i have a full time job now and my T collection has just grown i have about 40 now + a bunch of other arachnids like millapedes, cockroaches, scorpions aswell as reptiles

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