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It would really help other people if you included the size. Lots of people use the gallery for comparisons in helping them sex and to know what they're looking for.
@VanessaS whilst this information was included on my previous post, I will make it clear here too. The size of the T is about 2.5cm body length and 5-6cm I would say in leg span. She appears to be quite skinny and 'less chunky' than I would normally interpret a female to be, even though her abdomen is a nice size, hence why I initially presumed her to be a male. I am using a Carson microscope ranging from 60x to 120x magnification. I am a beginner to the hobby and this was my first sexing attempt. This Brachypelma Boehmei is also my first tarantula so I am amazed she is a female. I started out by just looking between the book lungs where I noticed a small slit or lip-like structure. Upon zooming in I noticed two bulb-like/water-dropplet-like objects on the slit, as well as a thick flap. It appears after looking online and posting here these aspects indicate she is a female :)
Males and females will look the same until they mature - sexual dimorphism only occurs in males upon their ultimate moult. That is when the male's body structure changes and they become leggier and have much slimmer abdomens. At the size of your individual, both males and females will look the same.
Congratulations on the female, this is a fabulous species and I love my girl.
Thank you @VanessaS for the info I will keep this in mind before trying to assume the gender of my tarantulas. She has a unique personality in my opinion and I have no regrets picking her up as my first T. Whilst I'm not a keen handler of tarantulas (because I feel it does cause them unnecessary stress) I did handle her for the first time today, and she was incredibly calm but at the same time wanted to explore. She likes to dig and completely destroy her enclosure, is a veracious eater and never flicks a single hair. The last few days she has re-wrecked her enclosure for me and has been trying to squeeze through the ventilation to escape, which is why I gave her freedom to roam about a bit today and handled her.

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