Blue Legged Femur

Blue Legged Femur

Been trying to find out what kind of tarantula this is for over a year now. "She" was sold to me as that and nothing else was known. Any one have any ideas?
It could also be a Lasiodorides striatus- an Andean Stripe leg, yours looks just like mine, just her femurs are slightly blue-er but it could also be the light exposure of your photograph. Striatus is an uncommon species to find, and mine is pretty docile and not that exitible. She does like to climb out of her container while I'm cleaning or adding water, but all and all on of my favorites.
"She's" pretty blue and stays pretty much on the glass. I'd say "she's" about maybe 2 to 3 years old and isn't overly big. I'd say "she's" small. Hasn't shed in awhile either. Are any of these slow growers?

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