Black widows wet preserved specimen

Black widows wet preserved specimen

Listed as "arizona black widows". Exact species unknown
@NYAN That's what I figured, and based on the marking it seems to match. But I'm no spider expert so didn't wanna guess and be wrong. I'll find out soon enough. I'm trying to clone the silk gene out of them. If the PCR reaction works, then I know it's the right species.
Oh cool! I had to do a PCR project back in college. We had to start all the way at a large piece of DNA and work our way all the way down to the PCR reaction for a single gene, then attempt a transfection on some cells we had cultured, let those grow for a bit, then extract the DNA out of them and run gel electrophoresis to see if we managed to get it right. It kinda sucked, but It was really cool in concept. Probably the hardest Biotechnology lab I had to take, but well worth it. Good luck with your project, and let us know how it goes!

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