Black widow sack compared to false widow sack

Black widow sack compared to false widow sack

The black widow sack has a smooth surface compared to the cotton ball look of the false widow.
Your family is about to get a whole lot bigger :p Both are huge! The first should be any day now, right? I read somewhere between 14-20 days and 20-300 spiderlings! Have you ever had a egg sack hatch in your care? Will you keep them and have you ever heard of or watched the YouTuber leokimvideo? He has a lot of videos of widows and egg sacks, only their Australian counterpart- the redback spider, here is one crazy link to an egg sack episode:
@Dawnes1221 I have not had any widows hatch in my care before although I have had writing spiders hatch and then I released them, but yes hi will keep them and have already been planning on making another tank specifically for them. The main thing I need is 110 micron steel mesh as a screen so they cannot escape the jar I made for them is kinda small and I used the mesh on it so it will be fine till I finish their next home. The first sack should be hatching any day now hopefully. they have been in the sack two weeks and five days. As soon as they come out I will post pictures I'm so excited to see them.
I am excited for you too! I learned from those videos of the youtuber Leokimvideo if you keep a light towards the bottom of their enclosure they will congregate near it instead of by the lid.
Hey @Daniel0430 just wanted to share a quick video I took, with you, I had just got home from work and in the bathroom I see a spider running up the wall, I am sure it was another juvenile brown or red widow, I took a few pics then killed it (it was barely the size of a mosquito.) Then I walked into the hall and there is another, only I think it was male by the roundness at the end if it's pedipalps (Also got a few pictures but also very tiny about the size of a mosquito maybe a wee bit bigger.) Well then I decided to check around and to make a long story short I found this:
what do you think? I think they are widow sacks but but sure if fertile.
It hard to tell but I don't think they are red widow sacks because like the black widow sacks they would have a smooth paper like surface. The sacks look of the brown widow also look like paper but with spikes all over it and widow mother's almost never leave their babies unattended they will stay with the sack to protect it and they are most aggressive when they have an egg sack. Try to pull one out with some tweezers if the web feels like your pulling cotton fibers apart then it could be brown widow sacks but they are most likely common house spider sacks like triangulate cob Wed spiders also cousins of the widows but not dangerous. I will post a picture today to show an example of one with its eggs I have some In my kitchen.

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