Blaberus giganteus

Blaberus giganteus

Absolutely stunned at the size, and they’re not even full grown.
Nice! If your looking to breed them, make sure they have plenty of food when they are kept warm; I learned the hard way that they can rapidly cannibalize in warm conditions if enough food is not provided.

@BCspiderman7, no roaches commonly kept in captivity to my knowledge actively bite without reason. Taste you maybe, or test your strength if held in a closed fist, but biting is typically left to the carnivorous species of the class Insecta.

Thanks for sharing,

For most of my life I thought ladybugs didn't bite. Than a few summers ago I let one on my finger........and it bite me! Lol

So was just curious if these guys/gals were prone to biting. Thanks for the reply.
@BCspiderman7 A long time ago when I actually handled my inverts, cockroaches would bite me on occasion (at least Blaberus discoidalis, I don't remember if any others did). It didn't really hurt, I'm pretty sure they just thought I was food.
Meh, just save your money and inject your discoids with HGH. Bam now you have roaches that will drive you to work and now they want my money? Ok.. I don't have much just take it all... You want the old bananas on my counter more? But my girlfriend isn't interested in getting into your Geo metro. Ok maybe she is. Screw you Tammy...
Leave your hand in any type of feeder tub for 10 minutes and i guarantee they will do you a chomp. Mealworms are the worst.

That aside, gorgeous "little" critters youve got there

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