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many many legs

Baja Bark Scorpion?

I'm visiting a friend outside of ensenada and this little friend wandered up while I was collecting some darkling beetles. It's maybe 2 in long and stays above ground even though I provided shelter in its enclosure. I'd love to keep it happy and take back as a pet. Any tips?

Baja Bark Scorpion?
many many legs, Jun 4, 2019
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    • RezonantVoid
      Just give it damp soil and probably a few lengths of the bark that is most common around where it was collected. I'd reccomend against handling as that thing looks PAINFUL. Awesome find though, scorpions must be some of the coolest shaped creatures on the planet
    • many many legs
      @RezonantVoid yeah, no handling. Like ever. I respect them like a would a living cactus. I caught a camel spider right after, but it promptly escaped. I think this lil friend is here to stay tho :)
    • Arthroverts
      Looks like it could be C. exilicauda, if that's what you mean by "Baja Bark Scorpion".
      Vey cool find! The juveniles are bright orange.

      Thanks for sharing,

    • many many legs
      @Arthroverts thanks for the info. Seems this means its quite a bit less venomous than an arizona bark scorpion (which is good)
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    many many legs
    Jun 4, 2019
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