Blue Jaye


Freshly molted X.intermedia female.
Me too lol. Xenesthis are super cool. Beautiful, fast growing, great eaters out most of the time after sling stage and they get big. You just can’t go wrong owning one or many lol. She’s just at 6 inches now and will get bigger woohoo!
Hahaha that’s awesome! My largest X.intermedia was 8 1/2 inches. I honestly don’t know how big they can get. She unfortunately got a cyst and passed. I think she would have gotten bigger. I had a friend in the hobby that got to see her in person and he said she was the biggest Xenesthis he’d ever seen. She was 5 years old at that time. I had her from 1st instar. They are huge as slings too.
@Blue Jaye That's awesome, and very sad that you lost her so young. That must've been quite the upset :( Definitely putting these guys on my wishlist though. I really should look more into these genera, if only the genus name didn't make my brain hurt every time I tried reading it lol
Ya it was very upsetting she was my favorite T. I got the sickest feeling in my stomach when I saw her curled. It stuck with me for weeks. I finally got a few more to try and feel better about loosing her.
Awe Xenesthis isn’t that bad compared to some names lol and it rolls off the tongue easily lol.
@Blue Jaye I'll bet, I recently lost my C. versicolor sling in a bad molt. The worst feeling was watching him on his back as the days went by and he slowly faded; he was up in his web at the top of the enclosure so I couldn't remove him without hurting him, and at his size I genuinely don't think there was a thing in my power that I could do to save him. His name was Caboose and he was my curious little blue fuzz ball... :(

How is that even pronounced? My mouth doesn't like me saying that word :confused:
@Arachnophoric I’m sorry you lost your versi. That must have been truly rough and heartbreaking to watch.:(. Caboose is an adorable name.

Okay here’s how you say it
Zen eeth iss or Zen eth iss
I say it the first way :)
@Blue Jaye He was very adorable, sad I wont get to watch him grow into a beautiful adult... I'll have to get another C. versicolor in the future, for sure.

Oooh, that's way simpler than it looks. Thank you! :D

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