B. vagans

B. vagans

  • rednafla
is this picture of any use? my first try...
damn, almost suspected that.
here are some pics of the dried exuvium, maybe those are better

the cam remains not the best and as you can see I managed to rip the exuvium right below the epigrastic furrow :wall:
question: the typical female "flap" would be visible instantly, right? or would you need to "open it up" first?
Just above the rip it's kind of folded up. That's where the flap is.

On Brachypelma it is just like two lumps, instead of long finger looking things. For that reason it's kind of subtle. I see two dark things where I would expect the flaps. For that reason I'm going to say female, but you should moisten the molt and see if you can unwrinkle it there. These aren't real bad pictures but it's not a super easy molt to sex.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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