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here is another pic of my newest t was sold as a mexican black velvet maybe this pic will help more

silkenbullet, Apr 17, 2012
    • Tcrazy
      common name for the B.vagan is the mexican black velvet. in its next molt or two the light caprice will darken. its what it looks to me. as in the other pictures thats posted. ti may not be 100 perscent ID but thats my guess it dont look like any thing other than... there are a few other Ts that have the same common name thats way alot of people on here refrain from using common names.
    • silkenbullet
      cheers for replying so fast i just hope your right mate because i bought it thinking it was a vagans i gotta say though its gorgeous whatever it is
    • sjl197
      i'd say Brachypelma verdezi is more likely. But without knowing any history and only asking for Id by photo to strangers on the internet, then id prefer you call it unidentified redrump. More pics again when adult please.
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    Tarantula Identification
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    Apr 17, 2012
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