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was sold as a mexican velvet black when i googled that name apparently its another name for a vagans however someone else said it looks more like aphonapelma anax(texas tan) anyone shed some light on this as i need to know what humidity to keep it at

silkenbullet, Apr 14, 2012
    • Jargot
      Well I am sill newer to tarantulas but that looks a lot like a cobalt blue. Don't take my word for it but that is the best of my experience. You can find many care sheets on the Internet.
    • Jared781
      In my opinion that cant be a B. vagans!!!

      A. hentzi
    • lizardminion
      To me, it looks more like Pamphobeteus antinous...
    • Tcrazy
      How big is it, it looks like a juv B, vagan to me. if its a juvi vagans caprice will darken as they mature. or it also may be a Brachypelma angustum. they are often mistaken for Vagans
    • silkenbullet
      @tcrazy thats what i was thinking it's roughly a 2" body and its stocky compard to other juveniles around the same length so that also makes me think its a brachy as most are stocky in build also when i bought it there was a shedded exo skeleton in its previous enclosure and it deffinetly has red hairs on the abdomen i do have another pic of it i will post it her to see if that helps
    • Harvard Fairway
      Brachypelma schroederi is the Mexican Black Velvet. Could be one or Brachypelma verdezi (Rose Grey)

      No way its P.antinous, A.hentzi, or H.lividum.
    • sjl197
      if its got plumose hairs on the prolateral of leg1 its an unidentifed redrump Brachypelma. Could be B.verdezi. no, its not B.schroederi. Most of the other guesses here are completely wrong. Dont just call it 'vagans' if its a redrump, that just makes more hybrids happen latter and more confusion.
    • alpo430
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    Apr 14, 2012
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