B.vagans helm me sexting
This vagans is female based on some blog that i read. But can you guys verify this. Iam newby tough
@Andrew Clayton yeaa . I read some blog how to sexting, how to see T's gender, ETC,
They say theres 2 way to sexting T's, one with accuracy almost 100% is their molt,
And the other one is from abdomen,
But the thing that i see in common from 2 of it is. We need to see T's epigastric furrow,
Like the female more curved and have more distance from e.furrow to furrow than the male one.
And the male is like more straight if we take a stright line from each furrow and have closer distance than the female one.
This basic that i used to sexting T's, but bcos iam still noob i need help verify it.
And u guys are awesome

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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