B. Smithi question
My b. Smithi likes to wander its plants more than burrow. 1.5 in sling in a 6x3 enclosure with 3 in sub. It won’t burrow but hangs out. it is eating well. Is there any concern??When bought 4 months ago all it did was burrow eat and molt. Not stressed as it avidly explores and eats help??
First, the enclosure is a little large and arguably too well appointed for a sling. Second, the "hide" you provided is 100% completely and totally useless. Its way too big, has way too much room within it and being a whole pot, its more a dead end than a hide.

Hides should be mostly buried, so the place beneath it is tight...ts do not like open places, they like tight places....also hides should never have a back or a bottom, this defeats the purpose of a hide. A hide should be a starting point for a burrow beneath.

You will also want to limit the height between the sub and the top, this reduces climbing opportunities and creates a safer home....falls kill tarantulas.

I would house a 1.5" terrestrial in a 16oz deli cup...like this...

Also keep in mind, that as it grows, it should be expected to burrow and hide less and less.
It’s burrow is under the bark in the tank. The pot is for aesthetics.. but I have never disturbed its burrow. It has a nice 3 to 4 in den under the bark.. it just always seems to explore and never use it since its last molt.. earlier today it sat on top of the pot legs half hanging. Then it went under its bark into its burrow and then came out and sat on a flower..
Then it ate a cricket.. went under its bark for an hour.. I provide 3 to 4 hiding places and areas to burrow but this critter seems to stay in the open.. it eats well.. it hunts well.. just very active.. humidity is only 65% and temp is 75 degrees.. only if my wife is in the room does it hide in its burrow
My tarantulas all have multiple hides and lots of sub to burrow.. some have nifty networks from one hide to the next.. kinda like front and back doors. Always lots of plantation and safety spots and I never leave a depth longer than their length from their sub to the lid.. even the plants touch the lids. Now my other sling is happily burrowed all day and out only at night.
I am wondering if it just uses its burrow if necessary .. I don’t really bother it unless feeding it or refilling water dish
@Linwizard69 For the purpose of tagging, is this a real Brachypelma smithi (ex Brachypelma annitha), or is it Brachypelma hamorii (ex Brachypelma smithi)?

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