B. Smithi Molt (correct Pic)

B. Smithi Molt (correct Pic)


Although it's a nice B.smithi molt you have there, yes it's the right pic however kinda took it at a wrong angle, it's almost impossible help you to sex this T from this picture. You need to retake the pic and focus on the abdomen. You have move the carapace away and open up the abdomen area and take a picture there. This is what need to see. Especially take a pic of the features near the booklungs. The white dots on the molt. If you see a prominent flap between the first pair booklungs pair this means it's female, otherwise if not, then you probably have a male.

I'm not sure if you go on youtube, but I'm one of the top channels for Ts. This is my personal video of my B.smithi female that molted last night. You can skip to part at around 8:05, and you'll see what I mean by the flap.


hope it helps any

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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