B. Smithi/Hamorii?
Need expert opinion on properly identifying this since I will be purchasing this from a seller and will be basing price on it thanks
Is the sales person reputable, knowledgeable, experienced?

Will they give you a guarantee about the sex and species?
@Drea I know right. The line between the two seems very blurred with this specimen being offered to me. There are just so many traits that both share!
@Drea From what I can tell not really.. He did post it as a Smithi with a price much higher that a Hamorii of this size and from what we can see, it really does seem to exhibit Smithi visual traits.. If it does turn out to be a Smithi I'd definitely grab it since I prefer it despite the many subtle differences.
@kerplunk is the price difference huge? If she is for possible pairing in the future I wouldn’t because I need to know 100% what I have.

If she is for another awesome T in the collection but not to be mated, then it comes down to price difference.
@kerplunk maybe can hold her for you for one night until someone with more experience with these can jump on. That would be a reasonable request to the seller.
@Drea It is for me since its basically ungendered at this time. Almost double for a Hamorii of that size. 3 inch DLS would normally cost around 500 to 600 philippine pesos, slightly higher if female. The seller has posted it for 1300 ungendered which leads me to think it may truly be a Smithi being higher value.
@Drea The seller is also a fellow keeper but seems unsure of the gender and actual classification. Smithi/Hamorii tend to be labeled very loosely here..

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