B. sabulosum
Made on the request of the seller, as they guarantee sexes.
bought as female, looks like a male :(
same T
Male. At that size, both the spermathecae and uterus externus would be very obvious.
Plus, that very much looks like epiandrous fusillae. If the seller wants feedback, then the lack of obvious spermathecae is more than enough.
@VanessaS question now is:
is this the female B. sabulosum that i bought or is this a B. vagans? i had both species arrive in one package (female B. sabulosum 5cm and unsexed B.vagans 4,5cm) and had this one labeled as a B. vagans initially. it was pointed out by community members that there might have been a mixup (either upon packaging or when i rehoused them). the other spider was labeled as B. sabulosum for at least half a year.

labeled B. vagans currently, was labeled B. sabulosum at arrival:

labeled B. sabulosum currently, was labeled B. vagans at arrival:
@Killertut I don't know what your prices are like in Germany, but in Canada a female Brachypelma sabulosum is worth, at least, double what a female Brachypelma vagans is worth. So that mix up is a significant one as far as pricing goes. If the seller couldn't supply a female sabulosum to make right on the mistake, then I would be expecting a hefty amount of money back.
@cold blood yeah, that is what you said last time, which made me switch the labels :)

@VanessaS The vagans was 10€ for unsexed sling/juvie at 4,5cm and the B. sabulosum was 17,50€ for a female at 5,5cm. not that bad in my opinion. the seller is super cooperative though and i am sure everything will be ok in one way or another :D

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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