B hamorii
Someone is trying to sell me this b hamorii as a female. I have my doubts. Any help?
@Dovey what about the pedipalp on the right? It looks like a boxing glove to me. Might be wrong. The image quality it brutal ik
It definitely doesn't look like a mature male to me. No hooks, and I don't see changes to the pedipalps--although that could be due to the quality of the photograph.

Don't suppose you have any other pictures?
Doesn't look like a MM to me. Not going to gues on vent sex but pedipalp looks normal IMO.
It's definitely not a mature male. 'Boxing gloves' look very different. The pic is not clear enough to be sure but from this I'd go with female.
So it could be a male but not mature yet? But it's 5.5inches. Shouldn't it be mature few moults ago if it were a male?

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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