B. Hamorii 3.5 inch DLS
Was sold to me as a female, now I'm not really sure...
Shot with a 10x diamond magnifier
@TheDarkAbyss You're going to when it gets you infractions or suspensions. I know it sucks that your T turned out male but there's no need for that. Contact the seller and show them the molt. If they're worth their salt and/or it was a genuine accident they'll make it right. If not you can inform people the seller will label either male or unsexed specimens as female and sell them as such, and anyone with half a brain won't do business with them.
Hey, I said I couldn't care right now, and the people I bought these are from sellers I asked were legit before doing business, and did extensive background checks. They all blocked me after telling them their tarantula is male, except for the hamorii, which I'm going to contact later.
@TheDarkAbyss What you do now may come back to bite you later, is what I'm trying to say. As it is, your comment appears to have already been deleted by mods.

It's too bad that happened with the klassi. Hopefully the person you bought the hamorii from will right the situation unlike the previous seller. A seller can have hundreds of good transactions, but they show what kind of business they really run when something goes wrong and how they deal with the situation. Best of luck.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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