B. boehmei or baumgarteni, etc?
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B. boehmei or baumgarteni, etc?

Photo of a T I'm picking up this weekend, any positive ID on species? I'm thinking it looks like a boehmei or baumgarteni but I'm not 100% sure.
I'm no expert, but boehmei legs have the really striking red that goes all the way down to the tarsus, while baumgarteni have striking red knees and a more muted pinkish colour going down to the tarsus. I have a young baurmgarteni female and her legs are already very light coloured in contrast to her dark red knees. This individual has more uniform red going all the way down and looks far more similar to my older female boehmeiXbaumgarteni hybrid.
My guess is a boehmei, or a boehmeiXbaumgarteni hybrid.
TBH, it's hard to consider any hobby boehmei or baumgarteni to be pure. Almost both the two been hybridized down the line. It looks like a hybrid to me. What size is it?? I've seen some baumgarteni specimens with more contrast color leg patterns at smaller sizes than others. So I wouldn't say baumgarteni or any of that until at a larger size to accurately make a assumption for an ID.
IIRC the legs of B. boehmei vary in reddness quite significantly depending on their origin from seemingly photoshopped RED to a duller orangy red.

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