B. boehmei or B. hamorii?

B. boehmei or B. hamorii?

Hey guys!
So I got a great deal on Craigslist on a few slings and a couple of juveniles with enclosures. He called four slings B.Boehmi but he also gave me some empty vials either they (or other slings) were in that were labeled BH. Is there a way to tell the difference as slings?
I just purchased a b. Bohmei and it's only maybe one molt ahead of this and it's legs are def a different color than the rest of its body. I have a hamorii sling also. If I can remember tomrw I will send you a pic of each of my two slings for comparison
@Noah Blades thanks!!! I'm going to double check with the guy tomorrow and see what he says. Either way, I'm happy but I'm passing all but one of these to a breeder friend and I need to make sure I have the correct species! I got 4 of these, a b.vegans sling, a juvie b.albo and a juvie a.chalcodes with setup enclosures for $80 so I'm not complaining lol
My friend there is no way you can tell from a pic like this until they start showing adult colours.
@StormyMyth729 You will have to wait now, could be a very long time before they start showing adult colours. if he has labeled BH then it is probably a Brachypelma hamorii.
@Paul1126 the actual enclosures they're in have a BB on them but the B looks like it was an H before...and he gave me a bucket of extra stuff, plants, substrate, etc. and there were alot of empty vials in there labeled BH, so I'm not sure. I'm going to ask him tomorrow and see if they are mislabeled or what. Either way it was a deal and I'm not upset, but I'm most likely passing these on to a breeder friend and would like to know the correct species. Lol
Thanks for the help! Ugh it's so hard to tell. I do know where he said he got them from, and after watching some unboxing videos i found that they send the spiders in small shipping vials, and they also send housing vials full of substrate. What I have are 4 "BH" small shipping vials and 4 "BH" larger housing vials..so I have to conclude that they're B.Hamorii..it makes sense...I have absolutely no idea why he would say they're B.Boehmi if they're not, it's not like there's a big price difference, and he sold his whole collection to me for $80..including two juvies and a B.Vegans sling with enclosures.. lol it just doesn't make any sense! And I texted him to ask but he never texted back. It's just silly..I said I wouldn't be upset if they were B.Hamorii! (Actually I'd prefer it...i hear B.boehmi hairs are just awful and with skin allergies as it is, i shouldn't keep any for myself lol)

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