B. Auratum Or Smithi?

B. Auratum Or Smithi?

Initially I was told this little girl was a "red knee" but after looking at her closely I thought she could be a B. auratum. I have gotten mixed opinions and now i'm confused. What do you think?
I traded a mature female auratum thinking that what I had here was also a female auratum... The guy who came and did the trade told me that she was auratum. I was certain she was smithi and almost backed out of the trade, maybe he "reassured" me so that I didn't back out? :(
arachnophile223 said:
PrettyInInk87 said:
Really? Damn... Are you sure, lol!?
why? were you hoping for auratum? if you don't want it, can i have it??? lol J\K {D
Lol! Yes, I was hoping she was auratum. I had a 4 inch female auratum and when I picked this little girl up, I swear I thought she was one too. I figured why not trade her for something else since I got another? BIG MISTAKE! Now I have to look for another auratum. :(

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