B. Auratum Or Boehmei?

B. Auratum Or Boehmei?

Got it as a B. auratum, but thought the carapace would be darker. This one is small, though - leg span is a bit over an inch.
I think it is an auratum. I've had slightly larger slings of both as well as smithi and emilia. Of course what was sold to me as an emilia became a smithi and what was sold as a boehmei became an emilia. In each case I thought they were identifying them wrong. Carapaces often don't darken till later Iv'e noticed - my vagans took forever to go from all reddish through several molts to boom all black after its last molt.
Thanks much for the ID, guys - I'll be really excited if it turns out to be a smithi, but I will be happy regardless of what it actually is. Brachys are pretty spiders.

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