B. Annitha or B. Hamorii?
Need help with this specimen being sold to me as Smithi/Annitha. I feel it could be true due to the more brighter orange and the black patterns being absent in the patella. The top part of the chelicerae also don't seem to be dark gray with a lighter gray band which is present in Hamorii.
@The Grym Reaper Thanks man. Although I'm also hearing more people saying that it's a Hamorii possibly in premolt.. doing more research as well on how to differentiate them better
B. hamorii have orange banding running down the chelicerae and the leg markings are more of a deep orange with a black stip running down the middle. I did see the other post in which you said the seller was charging double the price of a hamorii, both species are the same price here.

@The Grym Reaper I see. I have also requested a shot similar to that picture, just to get a clearer view of the banding. That's also what confused me is how the specimen offered seems to have orange (although very faint) banding in the chelicerae but legs seem to be more Smithi to me. It almost looks like a hybrid to someone new to the hobby like me. Interesting about the prices there. I was reading something about Smithi being rare and high value due to them being endangered now so I thought the price was justifiable. I'm gonna have to negotiate about the price with him again.

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